Amazon Alexa Skills That Will Keep Kids Entertained

amazon alexa skills kids

Here are five great Amazon Alexa skills that can help keep your young kids entertained while they are home from school, or when you just need a bit of time without hearing “i’m bored”. All of these skills are completely free to install and use.

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Amazon Alexa Skills for Kids

Kid Chef

You’ve just started as junior chef at the world famous Lello restaurant. For each important guest that visits, help decide on the tastiest menu before cooking each dish to perfection. Please the guests and impress the scary Head Chef Antoine to win the game!

This is a fun imagination game for kids aged 6+. If your child has ever played pretend kitchen, this is the game for them.

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LEGO Duplo Stories

Take development and roleplay to a whole new level of fun with the free LEGO DUPLO Stories on Alexa! Whether your toddler is the captain of a fishing boat or a bird travelling far and wide, they will experience the joy of learning with LEGO DUPLO through short, interactive stories involving animal play and vehicle play – using their very own DUPLO bricks! And don’t worry if your child does not have all of the pieces – they can use whatever they have on hand to act the story. The only limits are their creativity and imagination!

LEGO DUPLO Stories encourage children to learn via creative play in a fun, safe atmosphere. Learning numbers and colours and developing language skills have never been more enjoyable. Interaction is easy too!

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Lemonade Stand

This game skill pays homage to one of the earliest computer games, “Lemonade stand”. This version is completely redone from the ground up, attempting to enhance but maintain the spirit of the original game in a voice-only experience.

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Silly Things

Ask SillyThings to give you something to do and it will give you something funny to act out. For example, “Act like a fish out of water”, “Act like you just ate a really sour lemon”, “Do your most silly dance”, “Act like you are standing on hot lava”, and many more.

You can take turns asking SillyThings for something to do or, like our family prefers, randomly ask for something in order to bring some smiles to the room. This Skill was developed by a husband, wife and their 7 and 9 year old sons who all like to find a reason to act silly every once in a while.

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Animal Workout

The kids need something to do (or maybe you just need a break from the wonderful darlings). Look no further – this Alexa skill, Animal Workout, allows kids to become different animals while getting exercise. Alexa will offer up encouraging words as they go along to also boost motivation and confidence. This skill is great for rainy days and sunny days too.

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The huge range of Amazon Alexa skills are a great way to add extra functionality to your Echo speaker. Check out some more guides to making use of Alexa skills here.