Improve Sound With an Echo Dot Speaker Stand

echo dot speaker stands

The Echo Dot speaker is not a bad-looking piece of tech, particularly the 3rd generation Dot. It is available in a number of different colours to better match your d├ęcor, and is small enough to be fairly unobtrusive. There are, however, several stands available which can change the look of the Dot, keep it safe from splashes and dirt, and even improve how it sounds.

Bevon Table Mount Stand

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This Echo Dot stand is more about improving sound quality than it is about looks, but it has a certain style some might like nonetheless. The 360 degree pivot allows you to easily tilt the Echo Dot speaker towards you, held in place by three small silicone-coated arms. The power cable can be routed down through the base of the stand to keep things tidy, and because the speaker is lifted off the surface, it can be ideal when using the Dot in places like the kitchen where spills could be a problem.


Sportlink Echo Dot Speaker Outlet Mount

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Less of a stand than most of others shown here, the wall mount is designed to free up the small amount of space the Echo Dot speaker takes up on a flat surface, and at the same time, tidies up the power cable. The Dot is clipped into the mount, and the plug is fitted into the top of the mount (with the cable wrapped around a reel hidden at the back.) The Dot can then be plugged into the power outlet and hangs down below it.


LinTimes Owl Table Stand

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Hate the look of your Echo Dot, but love the look of owls? Then this stand is perfect for you. Probably more designed for kids than adults, this stand hides almost all of the Echo Dot, which sits in a cavity in the top of the owl’s head. There is a cable run at the back of the owl, along with vents which allows the sound to pass through (although there is some loss of volume). The owl is made of heavy ABS plastic, keeping it steady on a flat surface, and can be painted or coloured if you don’t like the white look. A fun way to hide your Echo Dot.


AhaStyle Wall Mount Stand

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If you want to mount your Echo Dot on the wall in a more permanent way, you can do so with this mount. The stand sits directly behind the Dot, so it is barely seen once the speaker is in place, and the cable can be wrapped around a drum at the back to keep it tidy, while allowing you to choose how much cable you need. You may need to do a bit of drilling to fix the mount to the wall (2 screws and plugs included in the pack) but this at least means the stand is held solidly to the wall. If you don’t want to drill, it also comes with a large adhesive pad.


Cozycase Desk Stand (White)

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Designed to hold your Dot in a vertical position, so that the top and buttons are facing forward, this is a great stand for a Dot that sits on a work or computer desk. The stand is lined with rubber on the bottom to stop vibration ruining the sound, and the Dot simply sits in the cradle with the cable routed down behind. The cradle is vented, so there is little loss of sound/volume. Also available in black to match a black Dot. As with the other stands, this helps to keep your Echo Dot out of the way of spills, and has the added benefit of taking up less desk space.


UGreen 2nd Gen Dot Stand

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All of the stands/mounts above are designed for the 3rd Gen Echo Dot, but you can still find some for the 2nd gen Dot if that’s what you have. The Ugreen stand is our favourite. The Dot simply sits inside the cavity on the sloping face, with the top flush with the stand. There are vents along the back to prevent loss of sound, and a hole in the back for the power and audio cable. We really like the tilted design, and think it really improves the look of the older Echo Dot.