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What The Lights on Your Echo Speaker Mean

lights on your echo

Aside from the vocal feedback/responses, the main way that Alexa alerts you is by using the light ring that runs around the top edge of every Echo speaker. The light ring on your Amazon Echo speaker is used to communicate several different things to you, letting you know an action has been performed or an action is needed at a glance. The amount of different light ring communications has been reduced recently, simplifying things for users, but there are still a few different light colours to learn.

Blue Light Ring

You will see a blue light after you interact with your echo speaker and Alexa, and means that Alexa is processing your current request. If the blue light is only in one section of the light ring, it means Alexa is listening in that direction.

Red Light Ring

This only appears when you have turned the microphone or camera off on your Echo device using the button on the top. Your Echo device is essentially disabled when the light is red.

Orange Light Ring

If you see the orange light, your Echo device is telling you that it is experiencing connectivity issues, either to the Wi-Fi or to the Amazon Alexa app. Try unplugging the Echo and then plugging it back in, or check the Alexa app on your phone/tablet for information. The only other time you should see the orange light is during the initial setup of the Echo speaker.

Yellow Light Ring

A gently pulsing yellow light is Alexa telling you that there is a message or a notification (from for example) waiting for you. To listen to the message or notification, simply say “Alexa, what are my messages/notifications”.

Green Light Ring

A pulsing green light means a call is coming in, a solid green light means that your Echo device is on an active call. A green light can also mean that you are in an active Drop In, if you have this feature set up. To end the call or drop inYou can say “Alexa, end the call/end the drop in”.

Purple Light Ring

A purple light means that the Do Not Disturb mode has been activated. While in this state, your Echo and Alexa will not interact with you. You can control do not disturb mode in the Alexa app on your phone or tablet.

Ask Alexa What a Light Means

If you ever see a light and cannot remember what it means, you can also simply ask. Say:

Alexa, why is your light green?


Alexa, why is your light yellow?

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