Pair Two Google Home Speakers for Stereo Sound

pair google home speakers

You can pair two Google Home speakers, allowing you to play music through them in true stereo. The two Google Home speakers need to both be the same model (e.g. two Google Home Mini’s) and will need to be positioned in the same room. This pairing method is different to creating speaker groups, which you can read more about here.

Positioning Your Speakers

Before you pair your speakers, you should find good positions for them both within the same room. As when positioning any Google Home speaker, try to place them on a solid, level surface, away from the edge. Ideally, they should be positioned at the same height, as this will make the resulting stereo sound better.

Pairing Your Speakers

Both speakers need to be set up individually in the Google Home app, where they will appear as separate speakers.

In the Home app, tap the first of the speakers you want to pair and then tap the settings icon in the top-right corner. From the settings menu, tap “Speaker pair” and then tap “Next”. You will be shown the devices available to be paired. Select the two you want to pair and then tap “Next” again.

The LED lights on one of the speakers will flash white. Tap “Left” or “Right” to match the location of the flashing speaker. The app will automatically assign the other speaker to the side you didn’t tap.

Next, you will need to choose a room for your speakers under “Where is your pair?”. Give your speaker pair a name, then tap “Next ” and “Done”.

Back in the main screen of the Home app, you will see your new pair shown as a single device. If you want to make changes to the pair, just tap on the speaker and tap settings.

pairing google speakers

Note: The process for pairing two speakers is the same for each different model in the Google Home/Nest range. No matter if you have two Home Mini’s or two Home Max’s, the process above will work.

You can add a set of paired speakers to a Google Home Speaker Group. Because, once they are paired, the speakers appear as one device in the Home app, you can simply add them to a Home Group as if they were a single speaker. You can find out how to create a Google Home Speaker Group here.


Paired Speaker Voice Commands

The commands you can use to control audio on your pair of Google Home speakers are exactly the same as for a single speaker. When a response from the speaker is required, it will only come out of the left speaker, and it is the left speaker you should aim your command towards (for best results).

Play a song:

Hey Google, Play <song name>

Hey Google, Play <song name> by <artist name>

Hey Google, Play <song name> from <album name>

Hey Google, Play <song name> on <music service>

Hey Google, Play songs like <song-name>


Request a specific artist:

Ok Google, Play <artist name>

Ok Google, Play music by <artist name>

Ok Google, Play <artist name>” on <music service>

Ok Google, Play songs like <artist-name>


Ask for an album:

Hey Google, Play <album name>

Hey Google, Play <album name> by <artist name>

Hey Google, Play <album name> by <artist name> on <music service>


You can find every Music, Podcast and Radio command for Google Home here.


Unpairing Google Home Speakers

If you no longer want to use your two Google Home speakers as a pair, unpairing them is quick and easy.

Open the Google Home app and tap the speaker pair shown on the main screen. Tap the settings icon at the top-right, and then tap Speaker Pair > Separate Speaker Pair > Separate.

With the speakers separated, you will need to link the speaker that was on the Right to your Google account again. To do this, select the speaker and then tap Settings > Link account. The two speakers will now be shown on the Home app main screen as individual devices.