Google Home

Useful Google Home Voice Commands for Beginners

google home commands

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different voice commands you can use with Google Home, from simple music commands to asking for a currency conversion or changing the temperature on your smart thermostat. Here are a few of the most useful commands to try.

Remember, before each command you will need to say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”.


As well as saying Play, Stop, Pause and Resume, you can also:

Play <song name>

Play <song name> by <artist name>

Play <artist name>

Play music by <artist name>

Play <album name>

Play <album name> by <artist name>

Play happy music



You can choose which News sources to use in the Home app.

Catch me up

Listen to the news

Tell me the news

Listen to NPR News

Play BBC Minute

Listen to news about North Korea

What’s the latest in business/technology?




You can get information on traffic and commute times.

How long is my commute?

How long will it take to walk/train/bus/bike to the library?

How long will it take to get to Costco?

How long will it take to get from work to Heathrow airport?


You can ask Google Home to tell you about the weather.

What’s the weather?

What’s the weather tomorrow, Monday, weekend, etc?

Is it going to rain tomorrow?

Will it rain tomorrow in London?

What’s the weather in Celsius?


If you have a smart thermostat (Nest, for example) you can control it with:

Make it warmer/cooler

Raise/lower the temp

Turn on the heat/cooling

Set the heat to 20

Turn off thermostat

What’s the temperature inside?

Alarms & Timers

You can easily set your morning alarm or time an egg with Google Home.

Set alarm for 6.00 a.m. tomorrow

Set alarm for 7.00 a.m. every day of the week

When is my alarm set for?

Snooze for 10 minutes

Set a timer for 1 minute

How much time is left?

Cancel timer

Facts & Information

You can ask your Google Home speaker to tell you all sorts of info.

What’s the capital of Mali?

How far is the sun?

What is 15% of 92?

What’s the 5th root of 97? 

How do you say hello in Japanese?

What’s “good morning” in Danish?

How many euros is a dollar worth?

What is 100 pounds in Danish Krone?

How do I spell vigorously?

What does circumlocution mean?