April’s Free Audible Books on Alexa

free audible books on alexa

Every month, Alexa users can get three completely free audio books to listen to through Audible. If you have not enjoyed an audio book before, this is a great way to give it a try before you sign up for an Audible account. Or simply take advantage of the offer and listen to the free books each month!

No Audible account is required, you just have to say to Alexa:

Alexa, what’s free from Audible?

Or, if you know the title

Alexa, play [book name] from Audible

When Alexa answers, you will be able to tell her which book you want to listen to first.

April’s Free Audible Books


A damning portrayal of Victorian society, Wilde used his narrative to chastise his contemporaries for their superfluous and hypocritical values. Having also interspersed homoerotic scenes within the story, The Picture of Dorian Gray was unsurprisingly condemned for its ‘indecency’, forcing Wilde to publish a second, censored edition in 1891.

Wilde defended his vision to the last, whilst simultaneously challenging assumptions about his private life and sexuality. He credited his inspiration for the text to the classic Faustian suggestion that given the chance, a man would undoubtedly sell his soul in exchange for eternal youth.


Have you ever wondered how and why the animals came to be as they are? In these magical tales, drawn from stories he heard as a child in India as well as on folk traditions he later collected all over the world, Rudyard Kipling gives some wonderfully imaginative explanations.

This selection includes ‘The Beginning of the Armadillos’, ‘The Cat that Walked by Himself’, and ‘The Butterfly that Stamped’. Originally told by Rudyard Kipling for his own children, these witty, fanciful tales have been loved by generations of children ever since.


A magical storyteller’s timeless tales. Here are 127 of Andersen’s classic stories, translated by “Mrs. Edgar Lucas” in the 19th century. Included are such well-known tales as “The Emperor’s New Suit”, “The Little Match-Seller”, “Thumbelina”, “The Little Mermaid”, and “The Snow Queen”.