Why is Alexa’s Light Purple?

Alexa smart display on bedside table

As a proud owner of an Amazon Echo Speaker, you’re no stranger to the device’s sleek design and innovative features. But if you have ever noticed that the light ring on your Echo Speaker has turned purple, you might be wondering what’s going on. Fear not because we’re here to shed some (purple) light on this Alexa status.

Purple Alexa Light: Do Not Disturb Mode

The purple light on your Echo Speaker indicates that the device is in Do Not Disturb mode. This mode is designed to silence notifications and alerts, allowing you to enjoy a little peace.

Thankfully, disabling the purple light is as easy as switching off Do Not Disturb mode. Here’s how:

1. Voice Command

Simply say “Alexa, turn off Do Not Disturb” to disable the mode and return the light ring to its normal color.

2. Alexa App

Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet, navigate to the settings, and toggle off Do Not Disturb mode.

3. Physical Button

If you have an Echo Speaker with a physical button, press and hold it until the light ring turns off, then release it to disable Do Not Disturb mode.

Do Not Disturb Mode Vs. Disabled Microphone

Do Not Disturb mode is a software feature of your Echo speaker and Alexa. You can also prevent your speaker from listening and responding to voice commands by temporarily disabling the microphone. These are two different options, as even with the microphone switched off, Alexa can still talk to you and alert you to notifications, etc.

Echo dot speaker displaying red light

You will be able to tell if the microphone on your speaker is disabled because the light will be red. To disable or enable the mic, press the button or flick the switch on your device that shows a microphone icon with a line through it.

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Customizing Your Alexa and Echo Speaker Experience

While the purple light may seem mysterious at first, it’s a useful indicator of your Echo Speaker’s status. By understanding what the light means and how to switch it off, you can customize your Echo Speaker experience to suit your needs.

Here are some additional tips to help you get the most out of your Echo Speaker:

Schedule Do Not Disturb

You can schedule Do Not Disturb mode to turn on and off automatically at specific times of the day to ensure that you’re not disturbed during important events or quiet hours.

Customize Your Notifications

You can customize which notifications and alerts you receive on your Echo Speaker, allowing you to stay informed about the things that matter most to you.

Explore Alexa Skills

With thousands of Alexa skills available, you can discover new ways to use your Echo Speaker, from playing games to controlling your smart home devices.

Why Is Alexa’s Light Purple?

The purple light on your Echo Speaker is a simple indicator of Do Not Disturb mode. By understanding what the light means and how to switch it off, you can customize your Echo Speaker experience to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful evening or a more productive day, your Echo Speaker is designed to help you achieve your goals. So go ahead, explore the world of Alexa, and make the most of your Echo Speaker!