Creating a Voice Profile for Alexa

alexa voice profile - echo dot

A Personalised Voice Profile is a way for Alexa to recognise who is speaking to it. It allows the device to give a more personalised experience, and will open up additional features not available without one. These include Alexa Calling and Messaging, Flash Briefings, and Voice Purchasing without a Voice Code.

Anyone who regularly uses the Echo and Alexa can set up their own profile, but they will each have to log into the shared Alexa app account on their phone. They can then just follow the same instructions below.

If you have an Amazon Household, other users can just say “Switch Account” and then the account name.

Setting Up a Voice Profile

To begin setting up your Voice Profile using your Echo speaker, you simply need to say:

Alexa, learn my voice

Alexa will then ask you to confirm your name (the name associated with the Alexa account) and tell you that you need to consent to a Voice Profile being created. You can either say “Yes” or “Cancel” if you don’t want to continue with the setup.

If you consented, you will now need to repeat around 10 phrases Alexa says, such as “Alexa, buy Granny Smith apples”, “Echo, read Wuthering Heights on the living room speaker”. When you have successfully completed this step, Alexa will greet you by name and ask you to try out a command.

Deleting Your Voice Profile

If you decide you no longer want a Voice Profile set up, you can delete it in the Alexa app (there is no voice command to do this). Open the Alexa app on your phone, tap the Settings button and go to Alexa Account. You then need to go to Recognised Voices > Your Voice, and then tap “Delete my voice”.

You can create a new profile again later using the “Alexa, learn my voice” command.

Supported Features

You will get access to the following personalised features once a profile has been set up.

Alexa Calling & Messaging
Alexa will play messages only from you, and send messages only from you, without having to ask who you are.

Flash Briefing
You can request a flash briefing even without a Voice Profile, but if you have one, Alexa will skip over stories and news items you have already heard.

Alexa Shopping
Normally, you will need to enter a Voice Code to confirm you are permitted to make purchases through Alexa and Amazon. With a Voice Profile, you will no longer be asked to provide the code.

Personalised Music
Alexa will learn what type of music choices are associated with your voice and customise playback for you.

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