Making Skype Calls with Alexa

skypa calls in alexa

If you have a Skype account, you can connect it to Alexa, and make VOIP calls through your Amazon Echo speaker using voice commands. Here’s how to connect your account and begin making Skype calls with Alexa.

Connecting Skype to Alexa

You will need to have your Skype account login details handy before you begin setup.

Open the Alexa app on your device and tap the menu button at the top-left. Select Settings and then Communication. From the Accounts section, tap the + button next to Skype.

You will now need to sign in to your Skype account (see, we told you that you would need your login details…) You will need to allow the Alexa app to access Skype data, so read through the permissions and then tap Yes if you are happy to continue (setup will fail if you don’t agree).

And that’s it, Skype should now be linked to Alexa.

Making Skype Calls with Alexa

You can make Skype Voice (or video calls if you have an Echo with a screen) by saying:

Alexa, Skype David

When you receive a call through Alexa from someone using Skype, you will hear the Skype ringtone. To answer, say:

Alexa, answer

Once you’ve set up Skype calling with Alexa, there are a few things you can do to optimize your calling experience. Here are our top tips and suggestions:

  • Missing contacts when you use Skype with Alexa? Verify that you’re signed into the correct Skype account.
  • Having trouble locating the correct contact? Have two Grandma’s? Just edit “Grandma’s” name in Skype. From a profile, select the edit button, enter a new name, and confirm your changes. This only changes how their name looks to you.
  • Need to see your Skype contacts on your Alexa device with a screen? From your Alexa, go to Settings > Accessibility > Enable Calling & Messaging Without Speech.
  • What can I do if my Alexa device rings when I’m not home? If you don’t want your Alexa device to ring when you aren’t at home, enable Do Not Disturb on your Alexa for those hours.
  • All of my Alexa devices ring when I receive a call, what can I do? If you don’t want all of your Alexa devices to ring, from Alexa you can create a “home Skype account” for only Alexa home use.