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Enabling Follow-Up Mode on an Echo Speaker


Having to say “Alexa” before every command is fine if you only occasionally use your Echo speaker to check the news headlines or set a timer, but if you use Alexa a lot throughout the day, having to repeat the wake word every time can become annoying. Thankfully, there is a way to reduce how many times you need to: Follow-Up Mode.

Enable Follow-Up Mode

Open the Alexa app on your mobile device and tap the Devices tab at the bottom. Select your Echo device from the list of devices and scroll down the list of settings until you see “Follow-Up Mode”.

Tap this, and use the slider to turn it on.

When you activate Alexa with a command, you will now notice that the blue indicator light remains lit for a few extra seconds. This is your follow-up time, allowing you to make an additional request without saying the wake word.

You could, for example, say:

Alexa, what is the weather like?

And after being told (while the follow-up indicator is lit), say:

And tell me the news

There are situations when Alexa doesn’t remain active. These include:

– When audio is playing. For example, the device is playing music.
– If you end the conversation with Alexa by saying, “Stop,” “Cancel,” “Go to sleep,” or “Thank you.”
– When Alexa is not confident you’re speaking to her. For example, if she detects that speech was background noise or that the intent of the speech was not clear.

Change the Wake Word

Your Echo speaker and Alexa app allow you to change the wake word to any one of four options (with more possibly coming soon). The choices of wake words are:

Alexa, tell me the news

Amazon, tell me the news

Computer, tell me the news

Echo, tell me the news

You can choose a different wake word in the Alexa app. Just go to the Devices tab, select your Echo device and scroll down the list of options. Tap the “Wake Word” heading and choose from the list of four.

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