Asking Google Assistant To Do Multiple Things At Once

multiple google home commands

Your Google Assistant or Google Home device allows you to combine many of the most common voice commands into a single request, rather than having to repeat the “Ok Google” activation phrase several times. These combined commands tend to work best when the commands are related, but once you start using this trick, you will be surprised at just which commands you can combine.

Asking Google Assistant to do Multiple Things

There is no real hidden trick to this, you just need to add in the word “and” between the two different commands. It also helps if you say the combined command in a smooth, even flow, without pauses or “um’s” and “er’s”. For example, say:

Ok Google, turn up the volume and play [song name]


Hey Google, what is the time and what is in my calendar?


Ok Google, turn on the lights in the kitchen and living room

There are some limits to this feature, the first being that for some unknown reason it is not available outside the U.S. and you must have the language set to U.S. English.

You cannot combine a shortcut with a command. For example, if you have a shortcut (Routine) set up called Good Morning, you can’t say:

Hey Google, good morning and turn on the lights