Every Google Nest Music and Podcast Command You’ll Ever Need

google home music commands

Despite all the useful things it can do, most of us use our Google Home speaker (or Nest Mini speaker) for listening to music, podcasts or the radio. Here is every key command for listening to these three media sources.

Google Nest Music Commands

 Play a song:

Play <song name>

Play <song name> by <artist name>

Play <song name> from <album name>

Play <song name> on <music service>

Play songs like <song-name>

Request a specific artist:

“Play <artist name>”

“Play music by <artist name>”

“Play <artist name>” on <music service>”

“Play songs like <artist-name>”

Ask for an album:

“Play <album name>”

“Play <album name> by <artist name>”

“Play <album name> by <artist name> on <music service>”

Play music based on mood/genre:

“Play classical music”

“Play happy music”

“Play music for cooking”

“Play <genre> on <music service>”

Play music on a music service:

“Play some music”

“Play <genre> music on <music service>”

Music control commands:


“Shuffle <album>”

“Shuffle some music”

“Play <album> and shuffle”

“Play <album> shuffled”

“Play <album> on shuffle”



“Pause the music”


“Continue playing”


“Stop the music”



“Next song”


“What’s playing?”

“What song is playing?”

“What artist is playing?”


“Set volume to 5”

“Set volume to 40%”

Play music on a specific device/group:

“Play music on my living room TV”

“Play <genre> on my bedroom speakers”

“Play music on <speaker group name>”

“Play music on all speakers”

routines with google home

Google Nest Podcast Commands

Listen to a podcast:

“Listen to <podcast name>”

“Play <podcast name>”

“Continue listening to <podcast name>”

“Listen to the latest episode of <podcast name>”

Podcast control commands:

“Next episode”



“Pause the podcast”


“Continue playing”


“Stop the podcast”

“Play at 2x speed”

“Play slower/faster”

“Play twice as fast”

“Play at half the speed”



“Next podcast”


“Previous episode”

“What’s playing?”

“What podcast is playing?”

Discover new podcasts:

“Recommend a podcast”

Google Nest Radio Commands


Listen to a specific radio station:

“Play ESPN Radio”

“Play BBC Radio 1”

Listen to a specific frequency:

“Play 98.5″

“Play 95.8 London”

Listen to the last radio station or channel you played:

“Turn on the radio”

“Play the radio”

“Play BBC Radio 2”

Radio playback controls:


“Pause the radio”


“Continue playing”


“Stop the radio”

“What’s playing?”

“Set volume to 5”

“Set volume to 40%”