Alexa Gives You Free Audible Books Every Month

free audible books on alexa

Audible, as part of Amazon, integrates with Alexa as seamlessly as you might expect. If you have an Audible account, linking it to your Alexa app and listening to books through your Echo speaker is easy, and listening to books can be achieved with a simple command.

But did you know that you can listen to 3 free audible books each month without even having an Audible account? Here’s how.

Listening to Free Audible Books with Alexa

There is no setup needed, either in Audible or in the Alexa app, but this feature might not be available in all countries (it definitely works in the UK and the US).

To find out which free audiobooks are available this month (the selection is usually updated each month), ask Alexa:

Alexa, what’s free from Audible?

Alexa will then tell you the titles and authors of the three free books. You can then begin to listen to one of them straight away by saying, for example:

Alexa, play Full Circle by Michael Palin

Once the audiobook begins to play, you can control playback using the normal audio control commands (Pause, Stop, Skip, etc.)

Connecting Your Audible Account to Alexa

As Audible is part of Amazon, listening to books from your Audible account is very easy. You can find a full guide to connecting your Audible (and Kindle Books) account to Alexa here, along with a detailed guide to playing and buying Audible books.

Which Free Audible Books are Available?

As mentioned, the free Audible book selection changes each month. Generally, the books are older, classic titles like Hard Times, Oliver Twist, and The Picture of Dorian Gray. Newer books occasionally pop up, but don’t expect to be listening to the latest audiobook blockbusters.